It actually is ‘All About George’!

In 2013 we welcomed a fat little bulldog into our home. His name is George, aka Fat George, Fatty, Diddle, Diddle-bum, Buddy, Big Stink, Bubba, Mr Doodles – just to name a mere few heartfelt names! And of course we fell head over heels in love with him.

While all the research in the world makes you think you have it covered when it comes to a pet, a dog and a particular breed, you soon realise all dogs are different!

No matter how much you prepare yourself nothing gets you ready for the potential health issues that come your way of any pet, not to mention a purebred dog – whether it is breathing issues, joint problems, ear, eye and nose problems and of course skin issues.

George suffered from a serious case of irritated skin. We couldn’t work out if the itchiness and dry patches were more unbearable for him or for us! We looked at everything from dry food, raw food, cortisone shots, allergy medicines, medicated creams, colloidal silver in the water, apple cider sprays. Turns out we needed to do anything and everything. Along with a great diet and help from the vet to monitor George’s condition, one thing that worked great on any itchy areas, dry nose, cracked and itchy feet was a natural balm we were recommended. Typically, it was from overseas (USA) and by the time it landed in Melbourne with postage and exchange rates it was almost $50 for a tiny tin.

Of course money is no obstacle when it comes to George’s health, but it got George’s mum (Jo) thinking, if there wasn’t a suitable product here in Australia for George…. could we make one? So, Mum, in her “spare time” (after working full time +50hr weeks in the corporate world!) decided to kick off some investigating. At the end of the day – it actually was all about George!

So, we set out to research products on the market, ingredients and of course how to make it. Initially it was just to find something for George. But the more we looked into it the more we found a whole lot of poor products out there with a lot of chemicals – it was exactly why we went overseas in the first place.

After making some successful homemade balm for a few months for George that really worked (thank you Google and Pinterest!), it got us thinking – we have got to do this properly and share the love. Once again it was back on the investigation path. To do this on a larger scale we needed a quality idea, amazing ingredients that worked and of course a manufacturer to help – it’s not really the type of product you can make in the kitchen long term! We found a great team in Conrad and Marcia Ball of Natural Choice Cosmetics (NCC) – an Australian Cosmetic Manufacture and Skin Care Supplier based in Taylor’s Beach on the crystal waters of Port Stephens NSW. They took all our researched ingredients and worked to help us come up with our dog balm samples. An absolutely amazing team.

After various testing on George’s mum and her friends for 6 weeks (who then decided they only wanted to use it on themselves) we then tried it on George and his little furry mates with fantastic results. After 3 months of sitting in ‘stability’, NCC then helped us to submit the product to the Australian Certified Organic Board for approval. And it was approved!!

Australia’s first Australian Certified Organic dog balm!

The journey for researching top ingredients and products continues. With George’s approval of all products we look forward to adding more range!

We hope you enjoy this product as much as we do and more importantly as much as George and his buddies.