Why is it in George’s Dog Balm?

Organic Camellia oil has many therapeutic healing and nutritional properties, including:

  • Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation on the skin.
  • Analgesic – natural pain reliever.
  • Anti-Allergic – can help in suppressing an allergy.
  • Emollient – Tea seed oil is a brilliant moisturizer.
  • Antioxidant – Camellia oil, like green tea is a superb antioxidant.
  • Cicatrizant – promotes recovery of wounds and scrapes.
  • Anti-microbial – It stops the proliferation of microbes and is especially notable for its anti-fungal properties.
  • Astringent – It has a mild astringent effect which makes it good for treating injuries and scars.

Camellia seed oil contains Vitamins, like Vitamin E, healthy fatty acids and numerous micronutrients which have tremendous health benefits. So the oil is an important ingredient to our balm to ensure any cuts and scrapes on our four-legged babies are well managed and taken care of.

What is it (thanks Wikipedia)?

Camellia oleifera, which originated in China, is notable as an important source of edible oil (known as tea oil or camellia oil) obtained from its seeds.[1] It is commonly known as the oil-seed camellia or tea oil camellia, though to a lesser extent other species of camellia are used in oil production too.

The seeds of Camellia oleifera can be pressed to yield tea oil, a sweetish seasoning and cooking oil that should not be confused with tea tree oil, an essential oil that is used for medical and cosmetic purposes and originates from the leaves of a different plant. This oil is considered to have the highest antioxidant contents, higher than that of olive oil, or that of other high quality oils.