Is it safe for my dogs to lick?

Absolutely! All About George is all natural and organic ingredients. In fact they will love it – which could be a bit of a problem!Apply as often as possible. George is best before bed as less inclined to lick and the balm is great overnight when, just like us, doggy bodies are in relaxation and healing mode. The more time the product is allowed to soak in the better results your doggy will get.

My dog tries to lick/eat it when I apply.

All About George Balm is 100% natural, organic, safe and very much edible. It is a very normal reaction for our dogs to want to lick off any balm you apply – George does it all the time. Fortunately, our balm will still work even if most of it is licked off! Just keep applying, especially at night. The more time our healing balm are allowed to soak in, the better results you will get. Apply as often as possible – the key for George is to distract with peanut butter!

Where is George’s balm made?      

George’s balm is made right here in Australia – hidden away at Taylor’s Beach on the crystal waters of Port Stephens, three hours north of Sydney,It’s all about being Australia Made!

Does George’s Balm have a use by date?

Organic balms very rarely expire. But definitely keep an eye on exposure to extreme temperatures and make sure the lid is kept on at all times. Use by dates are stamped on all containers.

What if the balm melts or is too hard?

The balm was required to sit for 3 months in stability which meant it was subject to a number of elements. Melting or being too hard does not impact the effectiveness of the product. If it is too hard let the balm come to room temperature – the product can also be warmed in your fingers/hand. If melted just place in a cool area to solidify – product can also be applied in the liquid form.

What if I’m not satisfied with the product?

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee so if you are not completely happy with our amazing products for any reason, simply return the unused portion of within 60-days of purchase and you will be refunded immediately – even if you used it all!