Why is it in George’s Dog Balm?

Organic Castor Oil is an anti-inflammatory oil which has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. The high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids is ideal for skin infections and other skin problems including chronic itching and inflamed skin.

Castor oil is a natural emollient that penetrates the skin and helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which can soften and hydrate our dogs’ skin, noses and paws.

With the benefits of being organically grown castor oil is the perfect product for any dry spots on our fur babies. It is naturally rich in anti-oxidants and works as a deep conditioner to heal abrasions and wounds.

What is it (thanks Wikipedia)?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis). The common name “castor oil”, from which the plant gets its name, probably comes from its use as a replacement for castoreum, a perfume base made from the dried perineal glands of the beaver (castor in Latin).

Castor oil is a colourless to very pale yellow liquid with a distinct taste and odour once first ingested. Its boiling point is 313 °C (595 °F) and its density is 961 kg/m3. It is a triglyceride in which approximately 90 percent of fatty acid chains are ricinoleateOleate and linoleates are the other significant components.