Why is it in George’s Dog Balm?

Organic Chamomile flower Oil is an anti-inflammatory, non-toxic, gentle oil which is beneficial for skin irritations, allergic reactions, burns. This essential oil penetrates deep into the layers of skin where its potent anti-inflammatory action can restore and soothe irritated skin, burns, bruises, and other skin conditions. Chamomile is a natural skin soother and can be applied to the skin as a pain, inflammation and anti-microbial treatment for our fur babies.

A valuable oil for sensitive, red or dry skin. Its soothing and purifying properties make it a good remedy for acne, eczema and dry, itchy, flaky skin conditions.

What is it (thanks Wikipedia)?

Chamaemelum nobile commonly known as chamomile (also spelled camomile), Roman chamomile,[2] English chamomilegarden chamomileground applelow chamomile, or whig plant, is a low perennial plant found in dry fields and around gardens and cultivated grounds in EuropeNorth America, and in ArgentinaC. nobile is, along with Matricaria chamomilla, an important source of the herbal product known as chamomile.

The plant is used to flavor foods, in herbal teasperfumes, and cosmetics.[3] It is used to make a rinse for blonde hair, and is popular in aromatherapy; its practitioners believe it to be a calming agent to reduce stress and aid in sleep.